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Replay Server Setup Installer

Required on client machines that want to utilize Chrome or Firefox web browsers for audio playback. Download and run this ReplayServerSetup.msi file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation.

Microsoft .NET Framework

The Red Box Replay Server Setup installer requires that the client machine have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed. If needed, you can download from Microsoft's web site or from our download link below.

WorkStation Client (WSC)

If purchased and licensed WorkStation Client (WSC) from Red Box provides four optional client-side features that link to your Red Box recording system:

  • PCI Suppression: Mute (suppress) call audio during payment transactions. If Screen Data Capture is being used, this is also "muted" (blank screen).
  • Call Annotation: Add notes (pre-defined and/or free text) to recorded communications.
  • Record on Demand: Client initiated "Record" or "Discard" actions.
  • Channel Naming: Auto-populate recorder channel names based on Windows login or Citrix User ID.

Your Installation Engineer will have done most of the installation and configuration for you, but you may need to review, add, or edit WSC clients and features. Consult with your Installation Engineer for proper installation procedure of this application.