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Mobile Vehicular Recording Solutions


The NexLog EXP-M Vehicular Recorder is the ideal solution for capturing and storing critical voice communications that occur in tactical situations and/or harsh environments. The NexLog EXP-M recorder has been designed for use in Mobile Police/Fire Incident Command Vehicles and Portable Incident Management Centers. This recorder is also well suited for use on Trains, Cargo Ships, Remote Shelters and Portable Carrying Cases.


Eventide NexLog EXP-M Brochure

Audio Recording Capabilities

The NexLog EXP-M recorder is designed to record from 2-wire analog sources, 4-wire analog sources, or VoIP audio sources.

Secure and Reliable

The NexLog EXP-M recorder comes with role-based security and the Linux reliability for which Eventide is well known, assuring that calls are recorded AND that the recordings are available when needed.

Simple Local (or Browser Based) User Access

The NexLog EXP-M recorder includes easy-to-use interfaces for audio replay, audio export, and system configuration.

Hardware/Software Profile

Self-contained Linux-based mobile recorder with dual SSDs (RAID1 mirroring) for storage integrity. The internal SSDs are removable for security when powered down. The EXP-M recorder is based on Eventide’s highly reliable NexLog DX-Series enterprise recording software.

Remote Startup and Orderly Shutdowns

Configurable ignition power control for vehicular use, with power-off delay of up to 24 hours.

Automatic Archiving

Each NexLog EXP-M recorder includes a license to archive recordings to one external device, such as a USB Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, NAS, or a NexLog DX-Series recorder at HQ.

Simple Export to USB Storage Devices

Recordings can easily be exported to an external USB Flash drive, a USB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or a USB Solid-State Drive (SSD).

Software Update Subscription (EXPSUS)

The first 12-month period of EXPSUS coverage is included with the purchase of a NexLog EXP-M recorder. Purchase additional 12-month periods of DXSUS coverage for ongoing assured security, reliability, and supportability.